One Small Step for Man, One Giant Conspiracy Theory Debunked

Alright, to start this off if you don’t enjoy a good old conspiracy theory then you won’t like this post. Plain and simple.

Ever since I was little I have always been infatuated with the unknown. I was the child that wanted to know every single detail about an event and why it happened; thus, conspiracies have always caused some problems in my life. (I mean seriously why can’t answers just be black and white?) As I have grown up, I have started to be more welcoming to the idea of a “gray area”, but sometimes it can’t be acknowledged. Since freshman year, my friends and I constantly debate different conspiracies and why they are true or why they are irrelevant. Some of the conspiracies we will amicably agree on, but others… lets just say cause a crack in the vase of friendship. One in particular is the argument that the moon landing was fake.

Recently, this conspiracy has resurfaced in my mind and will not leave. I have become so obsessed with it that I am going to prove that it DID happen. (YES GRACIE T. IT DID HAPPEN, OK?

1. Can you see me through your blurred vision?

Some people claim that a video, which contains a picture that was taken in December 1972, shows that there is a reflection of a person not wearing a spacesuit. Those people say that you can see a man with long hair wearing a “waistcoat-type thing.”
Image result for conspiracy theory moon landing visor

Rebuttal: Okay, seriously? I get that this picture is blurry and not the best quality, but how does this not look like a person wearing a spacesuit? A spacesuit is normally white and puffy, while on the other hand a waistcoat is a thin vest that is usually darker colored. The clothing within this photograph is white, puffy, and resembles the qualities of a spacesuit.

2. Waving your claims goodbye!  

Some insist that the there is no way the flag could be standing and waving the way it did in photographs. Their support is that there is no wind on the Moon; thus, there is no way it could look like it was blowing in a breeze.

Image result for conspiracy theory moon flagRebuttal: It is absolutely correct that there is no wind on the Moon; thus, a waving flag is not realistic. However, the flag is held up by a horizontal bar and simply moves when it is unrolled, as well as when the pole is being fixed into position. The flagpole was also declared to be made of light, flexible aluminum. Since the flagpole is flimsy, it could continue to vibrate after the astronauts let go, which in turn would move the flag.

3. Star light, star bright, the stars I don’t see tonight! 

Cynics state that the photos taken on the moon could not be real because they show no evidence of stars in the background. They believe that one should be able to see the stars or at least a faint light emitted from a star in the photographs.


Rebuttal: Yes, it is a little odd that there is no reminisce of stars in the photos, but a camera’s exposure can make them disappear. It is stated that the astronauts’ cameras exposure settings were set to photograph the Moon’s surface, Lunar Module, and the astronauts themselves. Since the exposure settings were meant to focus on closer objects, it wouldn’t detect a star that was thousands of miles away. Also, this mission took place during a lunar morning with the Sun shining. The stars wouldn’t be able to outshine the sun in this aspect; thus, explaining why they don’t show up in photographs. If you think about it when you try to take a photo of the sky you can never see the stars, only the moon. This is because the stars are too dim to be seen through the film or lens. If we can’t see them now, how could we see them then?

4. Propped and loaded! 

Non-believers argue that one of the shots from the mission contains evidence of a rock that has a letter “C” written on it. In movies, props are numbered and lettered to know where to place them. Consequently, these non-believers claim that this rock can only be part of a set that the U.S. created to look like the moon.

Rebuttal: The claim that a “C” is written on a rock can’t be debunked. I see it with my own eyes, but there’s a catch. This image in question is cropped from a larger image that was taken during the mission. In the original image, the rock has no sign of a “C” written on it. Actually, the letter can only be seen in one print and later generation copies of it. No one entirely knows what it could be in this one print, some argue it to be a tiny coiled hair or fiber trapped in the scanner.


5. Don’t tread on me!

Finally, one last argument made is that the footprint of the first step on the moon does not match Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit boots. The tread on his shoes resemble a circular pattern, while the footprints in the photograph resemble a lined pattern.


Rebuttal: While yes, Neil Armstrong’s suit boots prints don’t match those on the surface of the moon, it can be argued that astronauts wore an outer boot for the lunar surface. The outer boots have a tread matches perfectly to the footprints photographed. Armstrong can even be seen wearing the outer boots in multiple photographs taken on the mission.

Overall, I do believe that the moon landing was real and that the arguments made are robust. However, there is an explanation for almost every single argument made. In the end, I would consider this one small step for man and one giant conspiracy theory debunked. Case closed!


Don’t believe me? Here are my sources: 

5 thoughts on “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Conspiracy Theory Debunked

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  1. I loved this lol. Especially since I just came back from the astronomy field trip where we watched a video about the possibility of civilization on the moon and stuff like that…. this was super interesting and I 100% agree with you!!!


  2. “I was the child that wanted to know every single detail about an event and why it happened; thus, conspiracies have always caused some problems in my life.” I am this exact same way still today. However, conspiracies intrigue me leave me wanting them to be true. I like that you connected this to your life and helped us learn more bout you!!


  3. “YES GRACIE T. IT DID HAPPEN, OK?” I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. It happened. Thank you for being the only sane person of our friends. Love this idea. I looked into this last year and now we are the experts. Everyone must agree with us!!!


  4. “(YES GRACIE T. IT DID HAPPEN, OK?)” I loved this sentence because I’m egotistical and loved being mentioned. Anyways, I begrudgingly appreciate this post because it’s obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into putting your evidence together for your side of the argument (even if it’s wrongggg). Good job on your post! (Even if the moon landing is fake. I was about to say try and deny it, but you already did that so… YOU’RE WRONG)


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